Online PR

Online PR is a complex and time consuming area of your marketing strategy that is both essential and requires attention in multiple areas in order to be truly successful, particularly social media. We can help you plan and implement a successful online PR strategy for your fashion or retail business.

Google Shopping

Reach intentional buyers instantly by placing your product inventory at the top of Google Search when a user searches for terms related to your products. We set up, manage, analyse and develop your Google shopping account for your online shop and all you have to do is watch the sales come in.

Omni-Channel Strategy

Retail customers require instant gratification and flexible service. With that in mind it is important that we meet increasing consumer demands, keep up with and exceed sales targets, collect and analyse consumer data and generally stay ahead of the game.

Brand Imagery & Creative

Here at RS Digital and Creative we help companies that need creative input and relevant experience in managing creative projects to help them achieve their brands visual identity through mood board building, creative team sourcing, location and studio sourcing, art direction and styling. Putting a photo shoot together is a time consuming process that requires creative thought and knowledge of photographic techniques such as the impact of lighting, the right model representation and the importance of styling....



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RS Digital and Creative is a digital marketing and brand imagery consultancy based in Leeds specialising in the fashion and retail market. Working with businesses across the UK, RS Digital and Creative delivers technical support, online strategy guidance and creative inspiration for online marketing activity. We can manage as little or as much as you like from small ad hoc digital assignments to full scale yearly digital marketing strategies. We work with our clients to ensure that KPI's are being met and exceeded as well as planning a growth strategy. RS Digital provides services such as web design, development, social media strategy, Google AdWords/PPC, SEO/search strategy, email marketing, conversion optimisation and more. 

We work predominantly with clients from within the fashion and apparel sector however we also have a wealth of expertise in other industries such as leisure, hospitality, creative services and much more. 

We provide full project management of your brand imagery from mood board building, to creative sourcing, art direction and image production. All you have to do is send us your brief and leave the rest to us. For more details on what RS Digital and Creative can do for your business contact us here.

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