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Brand aesthetics are very important in creating a strong and coherent message to consumers about who you are and what you represent. Ignoring the importance of brand imagery in the first instance may mean that you'll have a costly catch up mission further down the line. How a company presents their images and graphics becomes ingrained in the minds of consumers and it can often be difficult to change, therefore getting the quality, creative aspects and styling right initially will help you to grow your brand in the right direction.
Here at RS Digital and Creative we help companies that need creative input and relevant experience in managing creative projects to help them achieve their brands visual identity through mood board building, creative team sourcing, location and studio sourcing, art direction and styling. Putting a photo shoot together is a time consuming process that requires creating thought and knowledge of photographic techniques such as the impact of lighting, the right model representation and the importance of styling. 
We offer services for both model campaign photo shoots and product still life particularly in the fashion, retail and commercial products market.
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